The Company

Chirange Technologies designs and builds intelligent GPS and geo-location indoor tracking and incident management solutions.  Our focus is primarily tactical law enforcement and fire rescue services.  The Chirange product enables on scene commanders and HQ controllers to monitor and track the exact “real-time location” of all firefighters and police officers who are dealing with operational incidents, both outdoors and inside buildings.

We proudly consider ourselves specialists in developing enterprise personnel tracking systems that use GPS and the latest inertial navigation technologies.  These are managed by our application running on the latest Android 4.0 tablet devices like the new Panasonic ToughPad or smartphones like the Samsung S4..

Our UK management team holds extensive experience in IT, GIS application development and tracking technologies, with a successful track record of working with leading corporations like British Telecommunications, Fujitsu, NEC, WIPRO, Bank of Scotland, in addition to the MoD, UK Police Constabularies and Fire & Rescue Services.

Chirange Technology management headquarters are based near Manchester in the United Kingdom.  Our highly skilled 25 strong development team is located at our R&D facility in Kolkata, India.  This extension of our team is comprised of senior software architects, programmers and software engineers dedicated to delivering robust, innovative and user focused Chirange mobile tracking applications.

Every single person involved with Chirange Technologies shares the same clear vision of designing and building products of excellence.  We also strive to deliver an equally high quality level of customer service that ensures each partner or customer receives 100% satisfaction from CTL.

The Team

Paul Birchall (CEO)

Paul Birchall is the CEO and founder of Chirange Technologies Ltd.  Paul brings extensive experience in both the technical and business management fields. His substantial knowledge and understanding of the latest innovative technologies- especially mobile communications, GIS and GPS navigation systems has molded the products offered by Chirange Technologies.

As Technical Director of Saturn IT in the mid 1990’s Paul was responsible for developing leading edge database driven multimedia applications used by UCI Cinemas, the Co-operative and Granada Business Services.  Paul has also worked on the early VOD/business broadband systems involving BT, BBC, Reuters, Turner Broadcasting (CNN) and NEC with a project called The Business Channel that essentially developed the early stage technology now being used by Google’s YouTube.

Having worked on several IT projects with the MoD, UK Police Constabularies and Fire & Rescue services, Paul has a great understanding of many practical and technological issues faced by commanders and front line personnel.  It was this, combined with Paul’s common sense approach to problem solving that has been the inspiration behind developing Chirange’s new Incident Commander and other CTL applications.

With over 25 years of business management experience Paul possesses an extensive knowledge and understanding of technology in the mobile and tablet technology fields.  He is the key leader and architect of the CTL applications development program, seeking to use mobile technologies and tablets in particular to help resolve real world problems.

Nick Clough (Product Manager)

Nick who recently joined Chirange as Product Manager had previously served over 30 years with Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, in the North West of England, spending the last three years at Station Headquarters as BA and Technical Services Officer for LFRS.

Nick has extensive knowledge and experience of the Fire and Rescue industry, during his lengthy career he carried out many roles but notably, he instructed at Washington Hall International Training Centre in both the Commercial and Breathing Apparatus Faculties. He worked within the Operational Support Department, involved in purchasing and specifying equipment and PPE for frontline staff.

Nick gained Members exam of IFE in 2002 and studied Leadership and Management at Bradford University.  His last seven years were spent as a station manager firstly managing several large stations in East Lancashire responsible for service delivery and operational incidents and finally heading up the Equipment and technical section at LFRS Headquarters where he managed the services equipment and Breathing Apparatus (BA) provision liaising closely with manufacturers and suppliers as well as representing LFRS on several national UK working groups.  Nick has a strong technical background coupled with a wide experience in incident command at fire related incidents and brings a vast amount of Fire industry knowledge to Chirange Technologies and has been closely involved with the development of our Chirange Incident Commander application.

Benett Rosen (VP of Sales, North America)

Benett is a veteran Sales and marketing professional with over 30 years of experience in the Life safety, security and military market. He has a long and successful track record of turning innovative products into industry icons.

Benett cofounded the Digitize Company that created the first successful microprocessor based alarm receiving system for coded telegraphic alarms and later expanded the system into Computer aided dispatching for first responders. These systems become the standard at Police, Fire, military and proprietary departments throughout the world.

Benett also founded Ficom, a Systems integration company that developed alarm reception and incident management systems for Federal, State and Municipal agencies.The firm designed, furnished, installed, and maintained systems throughout the Northeast.

Major systems include: The first UL listed bidirectional wireless alarm reporting and incident command system for DOD Police, Fire, Medical, and Road assistance at a military installation, plus Mass Notification systems for the State of NJ at two of the largest hospital campuses.

Benett is heading up sales, marketing, and operations for Chirange Technologies in the US and Canada, and his experience and strong technical capabilities insure that Chirange products meet the needs of customers in these territories.

Sukumar Chakraborty (Chief Technical Architect)

Sukumar Chakraborty is an experienced IT professional with vast range of domain expertise and experience in both software services as well as product development. In his career spanning over 15 years, Sukumar has worked on important projects from a wide spectrum of domains covering RFID, Telecom, Accounting and Data Mining.

Starting his career with WIPRO Systems, Sukumar has worked for several organizations like VEDIKA International where he was the one of the main design architects of the team working on their flagship accounting ERP product. In TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) he was the CoE lead of the RFID team where he was looking after the delivery as well as the technical grooming of the resources and also leading the R&D and product development activities.

Sukumar has been closely associated with various technology domains like J2EE, RFID, Smart Cards, Mobile Applications, Middleware, Sensor Network. Sukumar has interests in various fields of AI e.g., Neural Networks, Decision Trees, etc and he has published some of his works in international journals like IEEE Transactions, International Journal of Neural Networks, etc these ideas have been deployed in various works in the field of data mining and sensor networks.  Sukumar is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from the JU and master in Computer Science from the Indian Statistical Institute.

Sukumar has been the Chief Technical Architect for Chirange Technologies since the start of the company and has been a major driving force behind all product development especially the Chirange Incident Commander application.

Sanjoy Chatterjee (Chief Technical Officer)

Sanjoy Chatterjee is a seasoned IT professional making his way up from the bottom to the stage of Technology Evangelist and Cutting Edge Consultant.  An engineer with experiences from TATA Technologies and TATA Motors, Sanjoy started working with the predominant technologies was responsible for technology initiative and product architecting/development and management.

With over 15 years of software experience in leading very large, complex, distributed, offshore-onsite and cutting edge technology projects, Sanjoy is well poised in his present journey up the value chain in providing high value technology and business solutions.

Sanjoy has been leading multiple centres of excellence [J2EE, .NET, RFID, Mobile, EAI and CAE] Sanjoy has gained a much higher number of equivalent years of experience and wisdom in the technology field. Sanjoy has co-migrated to providing business solutions along with his technology solution providing laurels. Sanjoy leads network solutions projects and security solutions projects, he has also completed application business solutions projects in the Automobile, Telecom and Retail sectors.  He has received his M. Tech from IIT Kharagpur and B.E from Bengal Engineering College.

Like Sukumar, Sanjoy has been with Chirange Technologies from the start of the company and his extensive technical knowledge and experience of application development are a huge asset to Chirange and our technical/R&D teams based in Kolkata.