Chirange Geospatial indoor tracking is a new tablet based solution that will permit accurate real-time location tracking of firefighters in GPS denied environments like inside building structures, where GPS signals are mostly ineffective or non-existent.

Designed as an extension mode of the Chirange Commander application geospatial indoor location tracking will work on the same Android tablets, though will have dedicated functionality specifically designed for BA and SCBA commanders whose duty is to manage firefighters deployed with breathing apparatus and maintain the BA entry control boards.

Chirange Geospatial Tracking will effectively work like a 3D indoor positioning system, providing BA commanders with a clear visual image of where firefighters are located inside the building with an accuracy of up to one metre, firefighters are equipped with a small rugged inertial navigation tracking unit worn inside their protective clothing or attached to the BA set which is simple to deploy at any incident.

Real time tracking data is transmitted by the geospatial tracker unit over a dedicated UWB RF wireless system which then displays the firefighters positions as an icon in the building structure on the commanders tablet screen.

Firefighters are clearly identified by name on a screen icon, with a dotted line breadcrumb trail denoting the path each firefighter has taken during his deployment, which enables BA commanders to know exactly where each firefighter is located inside the building, including what floor level they are on, radio communications will permit commanders to help guide firefighters safely out of the building or navigate any rescue teams to the known positions of firefighters if that is required.

 “The single main objective of Chirange Geospatial indoor tracking is to substantially improve the safety of firefighters deployed inside buildings and making their locations known to commanders tasked with managing their safety.”  

Chirange Geospatial provides several switchable views for commanders to display dependent upon their specific requirements. There is a 2D top down Google Maps satellite or map view, optional Openstreetmaps building outline view and we are soon to introduce additional GIS mapping options to allow even more flexibility.

Chirange is designed to provide 3D multi-level (floor) views giving commanders the ability to clearly see which personnel are deployed on what floor, so we enabled this process to be used in the easiest way by providing as much information as possible but then allowing the commander to simply switch on/off layers for floor levels (image bottom right), so permitting the commander to see everything or just focus on specific detail that he wants to view at the moment in time.

Within Chirange we can geo-accurately position building or floor plans on specific locations, even allowing these to be viewed in 3D for multi-floor buildings. There is an additional option for HD image photography to replace the standard Google maps view for virtually any location in the world, we also provide an extra zoom level feature so enabling commanders to get close into the incident location and annotate on screen as required, marking relevant details on the map or floor-plan as desired, all of which is automatically captured and recorded in the incident audit trail.

Augmented Reality (image top left) is a new feature of geospatial allowing commanders to view the incident via the tablets back camera and see real time positions of tracked personnel at the location, with a simple ranging distance feature, so commanders can see in a live video display where people are located inside or outside buildings. Simply placing the cross hairs on any person displays a call out box about that individual, so this element of the Chirange application requires no hands on user interaction, and is especially useful in displaying position information at night or in poor visibility conditions, so providing commanders with an almost X-ray vision capability.

Key features of Chirange Geospatial Tracking

  • Geospatial indoor location tracking will accurately monitor the positions of firefighters inside buildings.
  • The geospatial tracker unit will seamlessly switch from GPS to inertial tracking mode (outdoors/indoors).
  • Commanders can select several different views to suit their particular incident requirement, floor-plan drawings of any building can be superimposed in geo-accurate positions on the GIS (Google maps).
  • Chirange Geospatial location tracking will provide accurate position coordinates overlaid on GIS, stating 3D data positioning measuring height (altitude) along with distance and direction firefighters are moving with a visual breadcrumb trail.
  • AR mode (augmented reality) will permit commanders to view their personnel positions via the tablets camera, displaying a real-time video feed that can be transmitted to other tablet users or be viewed at HQ.

The Chirange dynamic instantly deployable location geospatial indoor tracking application will initially only be available on the Android platform and we plan for field trials by selected organisations to take place during Q4 2013 with the commercial release of the Chirange Geospatial tracking solution being scheduled for early 2014.  Though we have available now a geospatial indoor/outdoor tracking solution that can used in fixed environment or locations (i.e. stadiums, offices, malls, festival events) which offers an accurate and most cost effective tracking system using the latest radio ranging technology that provides excellent signal penetration indoors and up to 1 km outdoors, this is highly suited to tracking applications for event management and security.

Chirange Geospatial Tracking Trial Opportunity  

If you are a Fire and Rescue organisation and would perhaps be interested in taking part in the planned field trials using this new indoor tracking technology, please do contact us using the form on our Contacts page and we will be happy to discuss this opportunity with you.

Email:  geospatial@chirange.com

Integrated Telemetry

Integrated Telemetry/BA Entry Board Data

We are currently developing the Chirange Geospatial indoor tracking application a step further, by providing the ability to integrate the geospatial tracking data with existing BA telemetry data which can link to the standard electronic BA/SCBA entry control boards.  Using this information to provide a fully digital and mobile BA entry control screen that works on the Chirange tablet computer so allowing BA commanders full access to critical BA data anywhere on the incident ground.

The advantage here is bringing together a range of live data and information, but also fully utilising the intelligence of the Chirange tablet application to automatically cover many important monitoring tasks for BA/SCBA entry control commanders. Linked to the BA control board, digital timer clocks with auto calculating intelligent functionality will also monitor any telemetry data, known air time remaining and generate automatic visual screen alerts when firefighters need to exit the building. the clear objective here is reduce information overload for commanders and present the most important information about the deployed personnel first, allowing for better decision making and like everything in Chirange, all data is captured and recorded automatically for post analysis reporting.