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Providing A New Level In Firefighter Safety and Automated Situation  Awareness Monitoring for Fire Rescue Technology



Sectors Serviced
Fire & Rescue GPS Tracking
Fire and Rescue | Chirange Commander has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of Fire & Rescue Services

Police & Tactical Unit Tracking
Law Enforcement | SWAT, firearms or special operation units can all benefit from Chirange’s indoor location tracking capabilities

Security & Guarding | Chirange Commander can be a valuable GPS tracking tool when deployed in security and guarding organisations

Who we are

Chirange is headed by an experienced UK management team with extensive experience in IT, GIS application development and tracking technologies, with a successful track record of working with leading corporations like British Telecommunications, Fujitsu, NEC, IBM, Bank of Scotland and WIPRO, in addition to the MoD, UK Police Constabularies and Fire & Rescue Services.

What we do

Chirange Technologies Limited designs and builds smart tablet based GPS/indoor tracking and incident management solutions primarily for fire rescue services and tactical law enforcement that enables on scene commanders and HQ controllers to monitor and track the exact “real-time location” of all firefighters and police officers.

Chirange Commander

Designed specifically for Commanders of firefighters and police tactical units, Chirange is a secure tablet based GPS tracking and IC application that monitors in real time the movements of all personnel attending incidents or involved in operations.

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