This simple cloud based Android tablet/smartphone application has been designed to enable fire or water maintenance personnel to check fire hydrants or any fixed location assets and update information about the hydrant/asset on the spot, be that confirming its exact latitude/longitude position, designating the status of the hydrant, adding any notes or even taking a photo.

Once the user logs into the application, there is a simple smart form that can be easily customised to suit any specific requirements, this links to an SQL database that stores all the hydrant/asset records which is updated in real time.  This in turn instantly updates the details of the hydrants in the Google Maps view, so any changes are immediately visible to fire commanders.

The Hydrant Inspection app is available as a standalone module though it is already integrated in our main Chirange Commander application; the e-forms are fully customisable and contain intelligent fields that assists and prompts the user to input only accurate information.  The application can easily import existing hydrant or asset data from a database or CSV file, with the option to manually enter data too, should that be required.

With extensive reporting capabilities, users can simply print or email standard or customised reports, making this application a “lite” and cost effective hydrant or utility management solution.