Enterprise Incident Command System with GPS Tracking

Designed for use primarily by firefighters, tactical law enforcement and security personnel, Chirange (with integrated incident management system) is a secure GPS tracking application that monitors in real time the positions of all personnel attending incidents or involved in live operations from any localised or extensive geographical area.

The Chirange Incident Command and GPS tracking system involves two main hardware elements, firstly the GPS Tracker devices which are either rugged personal GPS trackers or GPS Smartphones worn by fire, police or security personnel.  The second element of the Chirange tracking system is the Android 4.0 tablet which is the Commander computer used by senior officers or scene incident commanders to monitor and display all personnel positions in real time and to and control the many Chirange features like creating task groups, marking or drawing zones with geo-fence alerts for sectors or danger areas, viewing all attending personnel, adding live on screen annotation notes and later generating comprehensive incident reports.

Geospatial Indoor Tracking with Incident Management System

Extending the tracking capabilities of GPS Tracker will permit accurate indoor location tracking of personnel in GPS denied environments like inside buildings, which when the system is fully developed will greatly assist fire incident command and police incident commanders in managing live operations where firefighters or police officers are deployed inside buildings.

Geospatial Tracker will effectively work like a 3D indoor positioning system, providing metre accurate positions of all personnel equipped with smart Chirange Geospatial Indoor Tracking devices so incident commanders, know exactly where their men are when involved with incidents or operations inside buildings, even at what height they are located.

The Chirange Geospatial Tracker will utilise a special GPS/inertial navigation tracking device carried by fire and police personnel that can switch modes seamlessly from outdoor GPS navigation to indoor inertial navigation, so providing a complete situational awareness system, giving commander’s real time visual position information of all their personnel be they operating outdoors or inside buildings.